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Newsletter April Home

Feels like Home

Your home is your castle where you can feel safe and just be yourself, alone or together with your loved ones.  Our ambition is that every product of Home should give you at home feeling. Therefore we continue to develop our Home product range with products to be used in all rooms. 

Almedahls matchboxes are brand new in the Home decoration range. The boxes, which are printed in the patterns Bows and Picknick, have a sleek design and contain extra-long FSC-certified matches. Thus, they are perfect for lighting the fireplace and/or just place on the table as a handsome decoration.

We say welcome to Stim and Skördefest who are our new patterns on tea towels of Almedahls Home. The patterns are originally from the popular 1960´s collection, Skyttlevägen. If you want to brighten up your kitchen and are looking for something functional at the same time these towels are the perfect choice.   

Who says a dish cloth has to be something plain and boring? Pelargonia, Pricktyg, Skafferiet and Syltburkar are all dish cloth-patterns which tell the exact opposite. They are also sustainable and biodegradable which is important for Almedahls because we aim to contribute to protect our planet.         

Earlier this year we expanded our notebook range with new patterns; Picknick and Persons kryddskåp.  If you have missed this premiere please scroll down and read more about that in February´s newsletter.

Do you want more details on all of the products in this Feels like Home-release? If yes, click here.


Newsletter February Home

Westman & Sampe

Ever since Westman´s Picknick was launched in 1954 it has been a great success. In Almedahls range, among things, there are trays, towels  and recently notebooks with that pattern. Picknick and Sampe Person´s kryddskåp are contemporary and once more have a common premiere.   

We thought you’d like…
- that the note book is printed in Sweden on high quality Swedish design paper.
- the blank pages are made of uncoated paper which makes it perfect for writing with any pen or pencil.
- the possibility to combine products from the wide range of Picknick and Persons kryddskåp. 

The notebooks contains 96 blank pages made of 100% woodfree paper.
Width 14,8 cm, Height 21 cm.


Newsletter January Home

Fashion and Textile Museum

In association with Millesgården, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London shows an exhibition on Josef Frank. The exhibition on Josef Frank shows a number of his previously unknown watercolors and his famous furniture, architecture and textiles from his long creative period. Almedahls is represented at the exhibition by Josef Frank's textile pattern Bows, as well as the contemporary Swedish designers Olle Eksell, Italian floralshelf and Inga-Lill Westman, Pricktyg. The exhibition is open from 28 january – 7 may, 2017


Marianne Westman

Marianne Westman has passed away at the age of 88. Marianne was one of Sweden´s leading designers. During the 1950s she designed among other things the pattern Picknick. Almedahls started a cooperation with Marianne in the summer of 2009. The first step was to recreate Picknick on modern products. Picknick was followed by Pomona, Frisco and Belle Amie. When the magazine Scandinavian Retro asked her (May, 2016) on what she thought of everything she had accomplished, she replied ”I´m not sure how to answer that but I have always had a great time”.