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Almedahls leading the way in sustainable textiles

According to a study conducted by the European Union, textiles come fourth in ranking of product categories with the highest environmental impact. At Almedahls we are serious about contributing to textile industry sustainability.

Out of pure choice, and as a result of our Swedish origins, Almedahls decided long ago to strive for the most sustainable environmental footprint in the industry.

Some of our sustainability landmarks:

  • 100% conversion to bio-fuel

  • Ingredients with chemical exposure equalling one third of the chemical exposure in an average household
  • Re-usage of energy and water throughout
  • Cleaning of all by-products to release only clean water and air to the external environment

The list goes on. Our continuous sustainability work is certified under ISO 14001 and we operate under written environmental goals and guidelines.

On the whole, we offer full value chain sustainability of both process and product.

Neo & Nova - made from recycled PES

All our solar protection products are underpinned by the high environmental standards in our manufacturing.

Roller blind fabrics Neo and Nova are even produced from recycled PES, and are recyclable.

Neo is a transparent roller blind fabric with highlighted vertical and horizontal fibres in 5 colours inspired by earth and sun.

Nova is a finely textured fabric available in translucent and black-out in 4 organic colours.

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The creative heart of the company: Almedahls Design Studio

More and more our customers are looking to be different, to stand out, and to offer a highly unique commodity: Products with genuine creative content.

Almedahls has always been driven by design and creativity, and today the creative beating heart of Almedahls is found in our midst and is known as: Almedahls Design Studio.

The studio has a permanent staff of designers and developers, which is from time to time complemented with temporary and project based creative resources. This ensures that we may constantly combine a sense of continuity with new - and sometimes thought-provoking - external input.

Our customers benefit from Almedahls Design Studio not only through our comprehensive range of standard products across solar protection fabrics, hanging textiles, rugs, upholstery fabrics and Home interior decoration products.

Moreover, the Studio is directly involved – often in creative meetings with customer representatives – in development of unique, customer specific designs and products.

How can you access the resources of Almedahls Design Studio and have your very own product developed?

Please contact one of our sales consultants who will guide you through the process, and put you in contact with Almedahls Design Studio.


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